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  • JVS Graduates Awarded over $850,000 in Scholarships

    JVS Graduates Awarded over $850,000 in Scholarships
    Alyssa Zurowski addresses her fellow classmates at the JVS senior recognition ceremony

    May 22, 2018 -- The 2018 Lorain County JVS Senior Recognition Ceremony was held at the Lorain Palace Theater on Friday, May 18th, with 369 students receiving career-technical certificates in their respective fields. More than $850,000 in scholarships was awarded to JVS graduating seniors.

    Students were awarded $38,750 in local scholarships from the JVS Educational Foundation, JVS Teachers’ Association, JVS PTA, JVS Board of Education, Columbia Scouts, KMU Trucking and Excavating, and LifeShare Blood Services. JVS students also received thousands of dollars in scholarships for their performance at career-technical skill events, and earned more than $810,000 from outside organizations, colleges, and technical schools.

    Top JVS scholarship recipients included Landscape and Greenhouse Management student Jessica Mileski, who received the William R. Burton Scholarship in the amount of $5,000. Jessica plans to attend The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute for Agriscience Education. Allied Health Sciences student Madison Murphy is also a recipient of the William R. Burton Scholarship and received $5,000 as well. Madison plans to study Biomedical Engineering at the University of Akron.

    “It certainly is an honor to see our young people cross the stage and receive their accolades and scholarships,” said JVS Superintendent Dr. Glenn Faircloth.  “As you enter the workforce to contribute to our communities, go off to serve our country in the military, or continue your education; we know we have given you our best here at Lorain County JVS, and it is my hope you take those skills, those credentials and experiences and challenge the world.”

    Commercial Truck Technology student, Alyssa Zurowski (Midview) was the student speaker. “Today we are celebrating the completion of everything we have worked for here at Lorain County JVS, a school that has helped us reach our goals, dreams and full potential, and has left us prepared to begin our careers,” Zurowski shared with her peers and ceremony guests.

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  • JVS Students Unveil a New Fire Station at Elyria Safety Town

    JVS Students Unveil a New Fire Station at Elyria Safety Town
    Elyria Fire Chief, Richard Benton, makes remarks about the Elyria Fire Station 3 built by JVS carpentry students

    May 21, 2018 -- Elyria Parks and Recreation, the Elyria Fire Department, Lorain County JVS, and RGI, a creative design-build company from North Ridgeville, joined forces to assist in the design and construction of a new fire station built for Safety Town located at Northwood Middle School.

    The Lorain County JVS junior carpentry students presented their work to members of the Elyria Parks and Recreation and the Elyria Fire Department on Wednesday, May 16th.  Special guests included; Elyria Mayor Holly Brinda, Elyria Fire Chief Richard Benton, and JVS Superintendent Dr. Glenn Faircloth.

    Chief Benton was at a loss for words when the students unveiled the fire station. “I expected something nice, but I did not expect something as nice as this, and I appreciate the time you put into it.”

    “This fire station will remind the kids at Safety Town to remember the safety tips that they learned here,” Chief Benton continued. “To the students who built it, you will be able to tell your kids one day when they come to Safety Town that you were responsible for making it.”

    The carpentry students took on the challenge to design and build a replica of the actual Elyria Fire Station 3. RGI lent their professional knowledge and equipment to help the students render their ideas into designs and drawings. The students built the main structure of the Safety Town fire station in their JVS carpentry lab and built the entry cupola of the fire station, the most complex component of the building with its pyramid-like shape, at RGI with the guidance and supervision of RGI’s experienced carpenters.

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