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  • Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Donates an "Awesome Pretzel Cart" to JVS

    Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Donates an "Awesome Pretzel Cart" to JVS
    JVS students Sabrina Benson (Keystone), Brandon Lustek (Midview) and Joe Miller (JVS Culinary Grad) work “The Amazing Pretzel Cart” at the recent JVS Community Appreciation Day Event.

    October 29, 2014 -- Almost everybody knows about celebrity chef Michael Symon's connection to Northeast Ohio, but did you know that Guy Fieri has a connection now too? And this one hits a little closer to the JVS. Guy Fieri recently donated an "Awesome Pretzel Cart" to the school.

    The Awesome Pretzel Cart Program is designed to teach young people the lessons that grow out of owning their own business and earning money. It's one of the initiatives of Fieri's "Cooking with Kids" Foundation.

    Culinary Arts instructor, Timothy Michitsch, wrote the grant application that resulted in the Pretzel Cart being awarded to the JVS.

    The Pretzel Cart made its debut at the recent JVS Community Appreciation Day event in October. Culinary students also sold pretzels at the JVS Craft Show and are researching other upcoming school and community events as possible venues for selling pretzels as well.

    "Some of the skills students will learn by operating the Pretzel Cart include handling money, working with people, marketing a business, and planning ahead," commented Chef Michitsch.

    "These are skills that ALL students, no matter what career-tech program they are in, can benefit from," continued Michitsch. "especially since so many of our graduates go on to establish and run their own businesses."

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  • JVS Blood Drive Nets Student Scholarships

    JVS Blood Drive Nets Student Scholarships
    JVS students Stephanie Mosley, of Clearview and Alivia Rutherford, of Midview participate in the blood drive. Also pictured is phlebotomist Rebecca Nelson from LifeShare Community Services.

    October 28, 2014 -- JVS students and staff once again helped LifeShare Community Blood Services complete a very successful blood drive. Both high school and Adult Career Center students and staff took time out of their day to donate blood to those in need.

    "During the two day drive, 118 units of blood were collected," commented Susan Wallace, Allied Health Sciences Instructor and Blood Drive Coordinator.

    "Lifeshare will award one $500 scholarship to JVS graduating seniors for every 35 units of blood collected. The total from the upcoming Spring Drive on February 24th & 25th, 2015 will be added to the 118 units from the fall drive and provide scholarship money for graduating seniors next year. Last year's Lifeshare Scholarship Grants totaled $5,000.00 and was distributed among 6 JVS graduating seniors," stated Wallace.

    Additionally, donors received a red rose for Sweetest Day and were entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Cedar Point HalloWeekends ticket provided by the Allied Health Sciences students. The ticket was won by Mihkyle Savage who is in the Career Exploration program.

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