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JVS Auctions Surplus Items at GOVDEALS.com

The Lorain County JVS offers surplus items for sale via the internet through GovDeals, an on-line auction service. Items will be posted continuously on the web and can be accessed directly at www.govdeals.com.

Citizens will be offered the opportunity to purchase surplus property year round. Registration is required for bidding. All items are sold ďas isĒ.

To review the inventory of items the JVS currently has available for auction, visit www.govdeals.com, use the advanced search option and select Lorain County Joint Vocational School from the list of sellers. If Lorain County Joint Vocational School is not listed, there are no surplus items currently available for auction.

For questions regarding the GovDeals website, contact GovDeals at (800) 442-5829 or send an email to: govdealsmarketing@govdeals.com.

For additional information about the Lorain County JVSís surplus items, contact Debbie Dumke at ddumke@lcjvs.net.