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Career Assessment

Career Assessment provides the initial objective information to assist students in setting realizable goals and planning for the future.

The purpose of Career Assessment is to help students understand their career interests, learning styles abilities and occupational preferences.

The information obtained from the tests and observations during the assessment will assist students, parents and home school staff in setting clear and realizable career goals.

Career Assessment helps in establishing transition goals for the students and we strive to facilitate a match with the students’ abilities and interest to:

  • Career & Technical training programs
  • Post Secondary Educational options
  • Employment opportunities

Career Assessment Specialists are Transition to Work (TTW) licensed by the State Department of Education.

Identify Interests and Learning Styles

Students will have the opportunity to explore various types of work using several interest inventories:
  • The Ohio Department of Education’s 16 Ohio Career Fields
  • CTE training programs

Career Assessment provides learning style inventories to help students find out how they feel they learn best in these 4 areas:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Reading & Writing
  • Hands-on

Explore Abilities

Students will explore their aptitudes by using the following:
  • Computer evaluations
  • Academic tests
  • Manipulative skills tests

Future Planning

At the completion of the program the assessment results and transition options are compiled into an easy to read report. The individual results are reviewed with students, parents and school personnel. The report will assist students in making informed choices for their careers. It also provides information on what training and education is needed for specific careers.      

Benefits to Member School Systems

  • Improved career-technical enrollment
  • Enhanced post-program placement
  • Higher local Report Card Scores
  • Improved communication with parents, students, school personnel and employers