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    Launch a Career in Cosmetology at the JVS Adult Career Center!

    December 26, 2017

    The JVS Adult Career Center is the perfect place to launch or even continue a career in cosmetology. Ask Marge Daidone, Instructor and Coordinator of the Cosmetology and Esthetics programs at the Adult Career Center.

    Daidone said the program is four nights a week, about 1500 hours, and is designed for students who are serious about embarking in a cosmetology career. “We work very hard with our cosmetology, and also our esthetics students throughout the programs. We even help them with job placement after they get their licenses.”

    Michelle Lopez graduated from the JVS Cosmetology program in 2016. She began working at Spa West in Westlake, Ohio as soon as she received her license. Lopez was a full-time barber in the business for 30 years and was making great money. She had never went back to school for cosmetology, but Daidone impressed upon Lopez that she should continue because of her love for the entire field. Upon enrolling at JVS, Lopez was able to use 600 credit hours from her barber experience.

    “It was tough, but it was worth it,” shared Lopez. “It took a lot of discipline and took a lot of encouragement from the teachers, but it was so worth it. I was able to learn everything from skin to massage to nails to different techniques.”

    Cosmetology courses begins in January at the Adult Career Center. Students will learn the art and science of beautifying hair, skin and nails in a state-of-the art, working salon setting. Instructors oversee hands-on training and provide guidance as the students gain the necessary skills to become professional cosmetologists.

    Lopez said the Cosmetology program at JVS certainly enhanced her career. “There’s a whole world of cosmetology out there,” said Lopez. “There’s more to it, than just hair and nails. You can do it all.”

    Daidone said the class size is limited to 22 students. Pell grants and student loans are available for eligible students. “So, let us help you start that new career and teach you a variety of so many things. You can do it all, or focus on one aspect of cosmetology.”

    For more information about enrolling in the Adult Career Center Cosmetology program call (440) 774-1051 ext. 22254.