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    Students Have a Big Hand in the Great Big Home + Garden Show
    Landscape & Greenhouse Management and Masonry Trades students by finished display

    February 3, 2018

    Students from the Lorain County JVS Masonry Trades and Landscape & Greenhouse Management programs showcase their affection for their home state at the Cleveland's Great Big Home + Garden Show.

    Masonry Trades students designed and built an O-H brick display, while the Landscape & Greenhouse Management students designed the layout for and planted the red and white tulips as well as assorted evergreen trees. This display can be found in the Garden Showcase section of the event.

    Mikeal Mitchell, Masonry Trades junior from Amherst, said that he was excited to attend the event and show his work to his family and friends. “I really enjoyed working on this project,” shared Mitchell. “Our display represents our state and is decorated with landscaping to make it more beautiful. We added larger trees in the back to really push the O-H out more. It turned out great!”

    All of the students who participated are listed below by their associate school.

    The Great Big Home + Garden Show runs through February 11th, and is located at Cleveland's IX Center.

    Dylan Buri, Masonry Trades senior; Taylor DeJesus, Landscape & Greenhouse Management senior; Mikeal Mitchell, Masonry Trades junior; Mercedes Murphy, Landscape & Greenhouse Management senior; Don Sabella, Landscape & Greenhouse Management senior; Brianna Vullien, Landscape & Greenhouse Management senior

    Samuel Hodgson, Masonry Trades senior

    Avon Lake
    Tucker McKinley, Masonry Trades junior

    William Hawksley, Masonry Trades junior

    Syaire Cruz, Masonry Trades junior; Victor Goncalves, Masonry Trades senior; Elijah Herda, Masonry Trades junior

    Bryan Cote, Masonry Trades senior; Jaren O’Connor, Masonry Trades junior; Quinn Parsh, Masonry Trades senior

    Noah Hammond, Landscape & Greenhouse Management senior; James Osborne, Masonry Trades junior

    Jacob Abahazi, Masonry Trades senior; Jarrett Billy, Masonry Trades senior

    North Ridgeville
    Timothy Burns, Masonry Trades junior; Gabriella Hughart, Landscape & Greenhouse Management senior

    Jessica Mileski, Landscape & Greenhouse Management senior; Darrin Scott, Masonry Trades senior; Tyler Wilfong, Masonry Trades senior