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    JVS Students Dress for Success
    Senior Marketing & Management Class

    March 23, 2018

    First impressions are lasting and students in the Marketing and Management program are ready to make positive impressions on those they meet. Thanks to the Lorain County JVS Educational Foundation, juniors, and seniors in the marketing program received new business suits from K&G Fashion.

    Katie Street, JVS Marketing and Management Instructor understands what this means to her students, and the impact it will have on them. “My students compete at numerous competitions throughout the year, and it occurred to me that they weren’t exactly dressed for the part. I wanted to see if there was a way to change that,” shared Street.

    And change that she did. Street wrote a grant application and presented it to the JVS Educational Foundation. In it, she explained how her students learn about the importance of dressing professionally, but that some of them don’t have the resources to buy or afford appropriate professional outfits themselves.

    The grant was overwhelmingly approved. Each student was given one-hundred dollars to use towards their suit purchase and there was enough money left that everyone was able to purchase a new pair of dress shoes as well.

    “This means a lot because a many of our families don’t make enough to be able to afford something this professional,” shared Sydney Sexton, marketing senior. “This will have a lasting impact on all of us and having something this nice to wear to graduation is absolutely amazing.”

    Marketing senior, Jacob Kuzak, shared what the experience of shopping with his classmates for these outfits was like. “It was really fun and exciting. It was nice to get my own suit and it means a lot to me that the JVS Educational Foundation approved this grant for us.” Kuzak continued, “I really appreciate this to the fullest. I know that I will get a lot of use out of this suit. I plan to wear it to my graduation, as well as to future job interviews.”

    This is exactly what Street was hoping for. “The experience of shopping with my students was amazing. It is my hope that the seniors will wear these suits at the JVS Recognition Ceremony and at their associate school graduations. I know that they will feel good at these events because they all look so great.”