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    JVS Culinary Fundraiser Dinner Raises over $23,000
    Nicholas Walker, JVS Culinary Arts 2005 alumni, visits with guests during the fundraiser dinner

    March 27, 2018

    The aroma of delicious Hors d’ Oeuvres and exquisite signature inspired dishes, filled the air at the Annual Pam Faragher Culinary Scholarship Memorial Fundraiser dinner at Lorain County JVS a few weeks ago.

    According to JVS Culinary Arts senior instructor, Chef Tim Michitsch, the fundraiser dinner raised over $23,000 in honor of Pam Faragher who was a long-time supporter and guest of the JVS Buckeye Room.

    Chef Michitsch said all six courses were donated by one of his former students who came from all over the country including Cleveland; Dallas, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky; Greenwich, Connecticut; and New York City, New York to lend their expertise and support.

    “It’s absolutely amazing. You pick up a phone. And all you have to do is ask, shared Michitsch. “They donated 100% of the product. It’s overwhelming.”

    Nicholas Walker, the Executive Chef at the Joule Hotel’s CBD Provisions Restaurant in downtown Dallas, Texas, said he was glad to give back to a place that gave him so much. “Attending JVS was one of the most influential times of my life. I would not be where I am now if it weren’t for the JVS Culinary Program and Chef Michitsch. It pushed me so far in my career that I am forever thankful.”

    Tom Burke, the Executive Chief of Momocho in Ohio City and El Carnicero in Lakewood, Ohio shared that the Lorain County JVS gave him a good foundation. “I don’t know where I’d be without this place. It’s life-changing.”

    Michitsch said it was a good feeling having students come back and work with his current students. “JVS is special to them. The culinary program is special to them. Their teachers are special to them. They are so happy to give back, paying it forward, knowing that this money is going to a good cause.”

    The scholarship is part of the Lorain County JVS Educational Foundation, which is administered by The Community Foundation of Lorain County. The scholarship is awarded each year to a Culinary Academy student who desires to further their education in Culinary, Baking, and Pastry or the Hospitality Industry.