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What does tobacco-free mean?

The use of tobacco products of any kind is prohibited on the Lorain County JVS campus. This includes parking lots, outbuildings, garages or grounds.

Why is the JVS tobacco-free policy important?

As an educational institution, it is part of the JVS mission to empower students to enter a work world that is increasingly discouraging tobacco use and is battling the high cost of health insurance.

Who is affected by this policy?

The tobacco-free policy applies to everyone who comes on the Lorain County JVS campus. This would include, but is not limited to, employees, high school students, adult students, visitors, volunteers, vendors, and contractors.

What is considered a tobacco product and therefore prohibited by the policy?

Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, snuff, pipes, chew, and any other smokeless tobacco products.

Do employees, students, and visitors have to quit using tobacco products?

No. The Lorain County JVS is not asking anyone to quit. This policy simply means no one can use tobacco products on the school’s property and grounds.

Can I use tobacco in my personal vehicle while on campus?

No. Tobacco use is prohibited in all JVS parking areas, and when on JVS property, both inside and outside of vehicles.

Why are there no designated smoking areas?

Designated smoking areas are not consistent with the policy. The aim of the JVS tobacco-free policy is to help create a healthy environment to live, work, and learn. Creating smoking areas sends a message that tobacco use is acceptable on campus, which is contrary to the policy.

Email your questions about the JVS tobacco-free policy to info@lcjvs.com. We will post and answer your questions on this page.